Saturday, December 20, 2008


sem exams  goin on...yet i find time to do this shit..!done wid math...5 more to go...:(
math was a disaster...!math of all the subjects...t onli subject i am good at...!!!god,m so fuckin screwed...!!
btw was watchin friends today...phoebe totalli rocks..!!how i wish it never ended...heard thrs a movie cmin up though...hope tats true...!!:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lemme start off wid the 2 songs m so in love with.!:)
one f them is "everything you want" by vertical horizon..!!the song is kinda relates to my life..!n thrs this song by the same band called "echo"...damn gud one.!!
apart from these some songs to b chkd out r circus by britney,teardrop by massive attack,seven lives by enigma,personal jesus by marilyn manson,let it die by foo fighters,american idiot by green day,somewhere i belong by linkin park..!mani more to cum...this should do for now.!!