Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog tag..!!:D

ok, so lets see how this works out..!!!:D

There's this new activity called 'Blog tagging' that you can come across in many blogs.. I was tagged in one such.. I got tagged by yashu.. If you do not know what this 'blog tag' is all about, well, here are the rules :)

   1. Tag seven people
   2. Link their pages in your tag post
   3. Leave a comment in their comments section telling them they’ve been tagged
   4. In your post, mention the person who tagged you and link his/her page
   5. Write 7 things about yourself. 7 things about myself that nobody knows.??nobody??my best friends know some of them, but not all.!m sure i can jot more than 7 things..;)

1. i cry when i see an emotional scene in a film, especially bollywood ones...i dont know why, but tears just start rolling down my eyes..!!its quite embarassing actually..but oh well..:)

2.Though i have a degree in engineering, i dont know if i am the person to be working in a company....what i'm trying to say is that i dont think i'm the kind of person who can sit in front of a computer writing codes for hours together..i'm sorry but thats so NOT me..!!i'd rather lead a team and just assign jobs to them.:P i love being the manager and control things around me..!!:D

3. i have these crazy ideas of being an awesome photographer or a nice radio jockey..!! i have valid reasons to defend these looney views.!!i talk a lot...i am extremely gabby!!!i talk my heart out and dont care what people around me thing...quite frankly, they seem to have fun too when i talk..!:P
i also love photography, i like going around looking at pictures and i waste hours just looking at them.but i have to mention this page that i came across in facebook that has got this idea to take photography as my hobby!!his pictures are mindblowing..:) have a look..:)

4. ok, i daydream too much..!!!i get so lost in my dream that i dont know who i am staring at, or what expressions i have on my face.. :D i also daydream when i'm driving and quite frankly it scares me..!!:/

5. I sleepwalk.!! thats the only thing about me that creepes me out...i was once told that when i sleepwalk, i go and unlock our house doors and stuff..i mean cmon, who doesnt get freaked listening to that.??!! but yes, apparently it has, i am quite happy..:)
6. i fall like once a week..its like one of my hobbies now..!!!its embarassingly funny..but hey, thats me..!! :D
7.I like- People who're not judgemental, who mind their own business, who are adventurous, who share my idea of having fun(unlike my collegemates whose idea of fun is to sit and study or watch the most cheesiest film in history of world cinema!!ugh), who allow me to be myself! :)
i LOVE hugh laurie. my besties know who he is and why i am in love with him.
8. I hate- People who are pretentious, who try to use others, who cheat, who pretend to be besties but bitch even worse than the dogs on street. i am not a big fan of people who get all judgemental and have to complain about everything pertaining to our generation and religion. i also hate being nagged..!!u temme something once, that should do. u say that again, i just lose it..!
Okay.. Now, it's my turn to tag others.. 
vedanth, sowmya, nikita, tarun, sandy, i dont know who else to tag..!!
hoping u had fun reading this..!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

B.O.R.E.D >.< !!

okay, so its exactly been about 2 months since the college got over(thank god) but waiting for the company to give you a DOJ really sucks.i mean it takes you to an extent where u start asking yourself, whether you really got the job.!!yes, i think i'm losing my sanity..! i probably deserve it. i dint apply to other companies thinking i could do it later and now i'm being rewarded.! i need to find a new job to earn some cash so i could get a nice DSLR..i just need one..i don't care if i suck at photography but i wanna give it a try..besides i'm not all that bad. but its quite embarrassing to tell people that i don't know how to edit pictures in Adobe Photoshop..that thing is so frigging complicated.if someone happens to read this post and finds any link to the Photoshop tutorial...please do post..i'll be grateful.!! :)
cia for now!!