Sunday, September 4, 2011

B.O.R.E.D >.< !!

okay, so its exactly been about 2 months since the college got over(thank god) but waiting for the company to give you a DOJ really sucks.i mean it takes you to an extent where u start asking yourself, whether you really got the job.!!yes, i think i'm losing my sanity..! i probably deserve it. i dint apply to other companies thinking i could do it later and now i'm being rewarded.! i need to find a new job to earn some cash so i could get a nice DSLR..i just need one..i don't care if i suck at photography but i wanna give it a try..besides i'm not all that bad. but its quite embarrassing to tell people that i don't know how to edit pictures in Adobe Photoshop..that thing is so frigging complicated.if someone happens to read this post and finds any link to the Photoshop tutorial...please do post..i'll be grateful.!! :)
cia for now!!


  1. go to

    They have a neat little tutorial on photoshop! :-)
    I dunno how to use it either. I just hope you have more patience than me to go through and will then teach me in turn. haha :D

    But it's basically simplistic once you get the hang of it. There's this another pretty neat site called i think. It's nice, especially coz it offers you a lot of the photoshop based options and it's just an online tool. NO installation involved. neat!

  2. I think Shruti will know.. will ask her and let you know.. and I hope you get your DOJ soon :)