Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog tag..!!:D

ok, so lets see how this works out..!!!:D

There's this new activity called 'Blog tagging' that you can come across in many blogs.. I was tagged in one such.. I got tagged by yashu.. If you do not know what this 'blog tag' is all about, well, here are the rules :)

   1. Tag seven people
   2. Link their pages in your tag post
   3. Leave a comment in their comments section telling them they’ve been tagged
   4. In your post, mention the person who tagged you and link his/her page
   5. Write 7 things about yourself. 7 things about myself that nobody knows.??nobody??my best friends know some of them, but not all.!m sure i can jot more than 7 things..;)

1. i cry when i see an emotional scene in a film, especially bollywood ones...i dont know why, but tears just start rolling down my eyes..!!its quite embarassing actually..but oh well..:)

2.Though i have a degree in engineering, i dont know if i am the person to be working in a company....what i'm trying to say is that i dont think i'm the kind of person who can sit in front of a computer writing codes for hours together..i'm sorry but thats so NOT me..!!i'd rather lead a team and just assign jobs to them.:P i love being the manager and control things around me..!!:D

3. i have these crazy ideas of being an awesome photographer or a nice radio jockey..!! i have valid reasons to defend these looney views.!!i talk a lot...i am extremely gabby!!!i talk my heart out and dont care what people around me thing...quite frankly, they seem to have fun too when i talk..!:P
i also love photography, i like going around looking at pictures and i waste hours just looking at them.but i have to mention this page that i came across in facebook that has got this idea to take photography as my hobby!!his pictures are mindblowing..:) have a look..:)

4. ok, i daydream too much..!!!i get so lost in my dream that i dont know who i am staring at, or what expressions i have on my face.. :D i also daydream when i'm driving and quite frankly it scares me..!!:/

5. I sleepwalk.!! thats the only thing about me that creepes me out...i was once told that when i sleepwalk, i go and unlock our house doors and stuff..i mean cmon, who doesnt get freaked listening to that.??!! but yes, apparently it has, i am quite happy..:)
6. i fall like once a week..its like one of my hobbies now..!!!its embarassingly funny..but hey, thats me..!! :D
7.I like- People who're not judgemental, who mind their own business, who are adventurous, who share my idea of having fun(unlike my collegemates whose idea of fun is to sit and study or watch the most cheesiest film in history of world cinema!!ugh), who allow me to be myself! :)
i LOVE hugh laurie. my besties know who he is and why i am in love with him.
8. I hate- People who are pretentious, who try to use others, who cheat, who pretend to be besties but bitch even worse than the dogs on street. i am not a big fan of people who get all judgemental and have to complain about everything pertaining to our generation and religion. i also hate being nagged..!!u temme something once, that should do. u say that again, i just lose it..!
Okay.. Now, it's my turn to tag others.. 
vedanth, sowmya, nikita, tarun, sandy, i dont know who else to tag..!!
hoping u had fun reading this..!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

B.O.R.E.D >.< !!

okay, so its exactly been about 2 months since the college got over(thank god) but waiting for the company to give you a DOJ really sucks.i mean it takes you to an extent where u start asking yourself, whether you really got the job.!!yes, i think i'm losing my sanity..! i probably deserve it. i dint apply to other companies thinking i could do it later and now i'm being rewarded.! i need to find a new job to earn some cash so i could get a nice DSLR..i just need one..i don't care if i suck at photography but i wanna give it a try..besides i'm not all that bad. but its quite embarrassing to tell people that i don't know how to edit pictures in Adobe Photoshop..that thing is so frigging complicated.if someone happens to read this post and finds any link to the Photoshop tutorial...please do post..i'll be grateful.!! :)
cia for now!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


When was the last time you had no one to please but yourself..??
Think about it.Those are the moments that make your life worth living.Even the thought of being content with the way life takes you, makes you feel good.But life doesn't really go the way we expect it to, does it?
There have been some events in my life that were pretty depressing.But the other way round,there were good improvements too.Lemme try to jot some incidents that made me feel so good that i din't care what the world around me thought about it!

*Babies always lighten the moment up.!My cousin had just come from chennai to my place with her two kids.My neice is about 7 years and nephew is like an year old i guess!That day was one of the best days of my life.I had so much fun spending time with them.They seemed to enjoy my company.They were around me all the time jumping, dancing and what not!!

*Terrace..!!!that one place i can go to and keep staring into the blank space around and i just look around and round and somehow, i get destressed.!!I have no idea how..But its a great feeling.!

*There was this craft class when i was in 4th standard and we were told to get scissors.I was a notorious kid back then.I had washed my hair that day, i clearly remember.And for some reason, i was horribly bored that hour.I cut quite a lot of my hair and pushed it to the front bench so i don't get caught.What i dint realize was,the girl sitting in front of me had like 4 inches of hair.My stupid craft teacher caught me and i was told to get my parents the next day.The next day happened to be a holiday and my dad went to school just to be sure if it was a holiday.Then my teachers told him about the incident and he came home and slapped me.That was the last time he hit me.There was a rule after that incident, that 'no one leaves their hair open even if they've washed it'.!Yeah our school had dumb rules.!Even now, many teachers remember me by this incident.!When i think about it now, i feel good that it was so much fun back then(rather i had so much fun back then!).

*I also slapped some girl when i was in ukg and my stupid classmates were taking me to the p.t teacher to complain like i was some crimianl or something..holding both my hands on either side..not letting me go!!I put the blame on some guy saying he told me to slap her..!That still cracks me up.!:D

*Some girl in my class apparently dream't that i was hitting her in her dream..!!Her parents were stupid enough to come complain THAT to my school people.!I dint quite get it,i STILL DONT!(:O) My dad surprisingly was on my side this time and he said he would take action if such lame complaints were brought to his notice..!!:D:D I still dont get why i was to be blamed.She dreamt about me, that was clearly HER fault!!!:D

*I have to mention this.There was this teacher in my school.She used to teach us hindi.Somehow i knew she hated me for no fault of mine.I hated her too, obviously!One day,some guy in my class was playing pranks on me and he had written some shit in my hindi textbook, which i was not told about.Unfortunately she asked to get my text to her.I took it to her, and i guess she saw what he'd written and before i could react, she slapped me.THAT BITCH!I was still not sure why she did it.When asked, she threatened me saying she would take me to the principal.When i finally told her it wasn't my handwriting, she dint believe it and some people in my class came to talk to support me, luckily.I swear i told her this "Just because you hate someone, that doesn't mean they are always at fault.!"I made her apologise to me.Oh and i also remember saying that i would tell my dad about the incident.For some reason, she used to get immense pleasure calling me 'saranya' instead of 'sharanya'.Luckily she dint teach the following years.Else i would've made her life a hell..!!

*another craft class incident.We had to make baskets!yeah those things we used to take our lunch in?exactly!!I seriously thought my school had lost it.Baskets for gods sake..!?But we had to do it for the grades.One of my classmates forgot to get it on the day our craft classes' performance was to be graded.I told her to take mine and that our craft teacher was dumb and she wouldn't know the difference.What i din't realize was,that teacher was standing right behind me!!I was made to stand outside principal's office that whole day which was ok, coz i remember some seniors were very friendly to me and we had fun.But my stupid auto driver came home and told my mum about the punishment and i was forced to tell the reason why i was punished!My mother was furious and she kept scolding me!Come to think of it now, i'm so glad i did these things!!Those were the days.Why cant we remain young?:/

*how i forget to mention the day my dad threatened my school's secretary?that man had issues with stupid things.I was late to school that day as i had to submit my music exam application.My dad came to school with me to get a permission.On the way, we saw this girl,from my school, cryin.She complained that the school dint allow her in as she had worn colored dress.Her parents had sent letter to the school authorities that,the uniform was torn and they had given that for repair.!My schools secretary dint budge and sent her out of the school.Poor girl, she dint have cash to go back home either.My dad took her back to school and secretary started to boss over my dad.My dad then called up some police guy and told him that he would get the school closed if they dint take her in.!Oh man, the expression on my school's secretary's face was frigging priceless that day.I seriously thought my dad was some kind of a superman or something.!:))He took her back in and from then on,whenever he saw me in school, he used to ask how my dad was.?:D

These are some of the incidents i remember!They make me feel good about myself..!!i'm sure everyone has such incidents in life worth remembering..!:)
oki, i'll be back with better topics to blog about!:) but this was worth mentioning!:)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

weird shit.!!

well, its been quite a while...!i've been quite bored lately...because of course college sucks..!!it never did rock anyway...!!!it was a cultural shock and i havent totally recovered from it...i dont think i can ever recover..!!!hasty and stupid decisions have got me to where i am now...but there is no point thinking about them and making life even worse, though that is the case everyday..!!!

life has become so monotonous.but its goes on..!!we meet new people everyday..and the old ones either stay or drift apart...(in many cases they drift apart...)and the cycle goes on..!!why is that?it is because people change..!!no soul can stay with the same perceptive all the time..!!the feelings change..and slowly differences pop-up and we just realise that maybe it was'nt meant to be..!!!be it friendship or any relationship you want to define..!!!there are a few reasons i can come up with for such things to happen..
*)it could either be when the person is bored of being with the other believe me...everyone who doesnt believe this happens has to experience it atleast once...i've been there..done that..!!it hurts..!!
*)it could also be is true..!!
and i can come up with many more too...but the thing that no one should forget is to not make others take advantage of you...well, advantage could mean many things again...!!that is one thing i've gotta really really learn..!i just trust people way too easily...and i'm more than ready to help them even if they could as well manage without that.!!i have no idea why i do it?!but when it comes to me...that kinda support is never there...and that really pisses me off..!!in the end, everything we do..doesnt e1 matter as they would have new priorities in life...or they are just too bored to offer help...!!!these were pointed out by one of my closest friends when i told her bout these happenings...!!time and again, i've been told by people to make friends with similar taste..!!but it does'nt always happen that way..!!i take a lot of time to make friends and when i do make some...i want them to stay forever...and in that attempt i guess, i'm unknowingly made use of...!and eventually when it is their time to show the same to you...they are either too busy with others or just dont bother..!!so here's the questions..."does true friendship exist..??" the answer would be "HELL NO"..!!!i've never seen anything of that sort nor do i believe in such bullshit..!!

allright...move on to other things in life...!!gre is driving me crazy...!!this is like my only chance to get outta this place and learn stuff that i would really understand rather than mug my ass off( in which i totally suck)...well yeah, so i gotta give it my best shot..!!most of all...i would be my life my way, and dont have to have people around me all the time..nagging.!!!that would be my definition of home..!:\ and best of all..i get to meet new would be a whole different world out thr..!!so i could start all over again..!!:)
thats it for now..!!

peace yo!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ugh..lab exams suck..!!

wen it comes to lab exams...i've never been lucky..!!!NEVER..!!n that drives me crazy..!!i mean wat the heck..!!??how is it that everyone else(e1 dumb asses) get the output but i dont..??!!:X
m sure ll not find nother soul who is this unlucky in labs..!!!gahhh....m pissed off.!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


sem exams  goin on...yet i find time to do this shit..!done wid math...5 more to go...:(
math was a disaster...!math of all the subjects...t onli subject i am good at...!!!god,m so fuckin screwed...!!
btw was watchin friends today...phoebe totalli rocks..!!how i wish it never ended...heard thrs a movie cmin up though...hope tats true...!!:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lemme start off wid the 2 songs m so in love with.!:)
one f them is "everything you want" by vertical horizon..!!the song is kinda relates to my life..!n thrs this song by the same band called "echo"...damn gud one.!!
apart from these some songs to b chkd out r circus by britney,teardrop by massive attack,seven lives by enigma,personal jesus by marilyn manson,let it die by foo fighters,american idiot by green day,somewhere i belong by linkin park..!mani more to cum...this should do for now.!!