Tuesday, March 2, 2010

weird shit.!!

well, its been quite a while...!i've been quite bored lately...because of course college sucks..!!it never did rock anyway...!!!it was a cultural shock and i havent totally recovered from it...i dont think i can ever recover..!!!hasty and stupid decisions have got me to where i am now...but there is no point thinking about them and making life even worse, though that is the case everyday..!!!

life has become so monotonous.but its goes on..!!we meet new people everyday..and the old ones either stay or drift apart...(in many cases they drift apart...)and the cycle goes on..!!why is that?it is because people change..!!no soul can stay with the same perceptive all the time..!!the feelings change..and slowly differences pop-up and we just realise that maybe it was'nt meant to be..!!!be it friendship or any relationship you want to define..!!!there are a few reasons i can come up with for such things to happen..
*)it could either be when the person is bored of being with the other one..now believe me...everyone who doesnt believe this happens has to experience it atleast once...i've been there..done that..!!it hurts..!!
*)it could also be jealousy...trust me...it is true..!!
and i can come up with many more too...but the thing that no one should forget is to not make others take advantage of you...well, advantage could mean many things again...!!that is one thing i've gotta really really learn..!i just trust people way too easily...and i'm more than ready to help them even if they could as well manage without that.!!i have no idea why i do it?!but when it comes to me...that kinda support is never there...and that really pisses me off..!!in the end, everything we do..doesnt e1 matter as they would have new priorities in life...or they are just too bored to offer help...!!!these were pointed out by one of my closest friends when i told her bout these happenings...!!time and again, i've been told by people to make friends with similar taste..!!but it does'nt always happen that way..!!i take a lot of time to make friends and when i do make some...i want them to stay forever...and in that attempt i guess, i'm unknowingly made use of...!and eventually when it is their time to show the same to you...they are either too busy with others or just dont bother..!!so here's the questions..."does true friendship exist..??" the answer would be "HELL NO"..!!!i've never seen anything of that sort nor do i believe in such bullshit..!!

allright...move on to other things in life...!!gre is driving me crazy...!!this is like my only chance to get outta this place and learn stuff that i would really understand rather than mug my ass off( in which i totally suck)...well yeah, so i gotta give it my best shot..!!most of all...i would be independant..living my life my way, and dont have to have people around me all the time..nagging.!!!that would be my definition of home..!:\ and best of all..i get to meet new people...it would be a whole different world out thr..!!so i could start all over again..!!:)
thats it for now..!!

peace yo!

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  1. everyone of us has felt the same way one time or the other! be strong and take life in your stride...its always gonna suck...poeple are always gonna suck...!!

    somehow, for some reason beyond our active cognizance, we behave in the same manner to other people as well, knowingly or otherwise! its a never ending vicious circle!

    all the best!!!